Tuesday, 1 May 2012

interested in medicine,dentistry,and pharmasist??need to read this one:)

since been a long time i haven't write to this 'berhabook blog' :P
and since many of the 1994's being officially graduated from their secondary and 1993's graduate from their foundation
i would like to introduce a place for those who interested in medicine/dentistry/pharmasist..

ABSOLUTELY will be my second country..EGYPT,:)
u might not so proud to continue your study at a place where u can find rubbish everywhere.not so many boutique,no snow,no autumn and just a little bit of spring...the only can can be proud is maybe the PYRAMID..huhh,.so lameeeee..=.="

And thats the purpose why im writing to u is to really and maybe so interested to be here like me..*flip hairs

first on all..let me list the thing that might dont have in other country,i guest so..

1st. The BEST thing is u dont have to do any assignment cuz we got no assignment..hehe
2nd. U dont have to bring such a thick-bulky big book..because our own lecturers have made for us a thin small book which contain the same content :)
3rd. U dont have to be so so so so so gooood in english because im pretty sure our lecturer will use just a simple english so that u can understand evry single word they say *even with a weird accent and weird grammar sometimes..
4th. Here u can get something which not so easilly u can find in other country..which is tarbiah...

  we here not just being asked to be a professional doctor BUT a professional MUSLIM doctor...treat person and not just treat the disease (patient=person+disease)
  when we read the book, we dont just read but we being taught to see Allah's big creation.
  when we have a walk on a garden, we dont just walk but we being taught to see how beautiful Allah is..
  when we talk, we talk about how can we change the world into something which full with barakah..
  when we go somewhere, we being taught to always renew our NIAT so that it always for Rabbi..
  pray, not just after solat and we being tough to thank Allah for what He has gave us and ask for something which can make us nearer to Him..

the most important thing is FIRST!!AIM the heaven ..how ever busy u are.where ever u stand.when ever it is.who ever with u..u cant guarantee your self that u can still be alive next 6 years, but u really agree that every person will meet the sakaratul maut..THEN only u catch the doctor..

if u helps Allah's way, He will helps u...

AND thats what i found special in this place..i dont think i can be like this even im not so that good if my parents wont sent me here..THANK YOU ALLAH for giving me UMI and ABAH, yang jadi kan aku sebagai saham yg keuntungannya diperoleh di dunia dan akhirat ..aminn ya rabbi...

permudahkan jalan ku untuk menjadikan dunia ini sebagai ladang untuk ku menemuiMU...